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Beta 1 of the Curses Interface was released on May 20th, 2010. It is mostly the same as Release 6, with a few extra bugfixes, and the addition of an optional Windows installer. Here is a summary of the changes from release 4 (release 5 was integrated into UnNetHack, and not released on its own)


  • Added an optional Windows installer (Windows zip file release is still available).
  • Cursor positioning fixes.
  • Expanded status window labels when there is room in the window
  • Improved color handling (detect 8 or 16 colors, and set colors for terminals able to change color definitions)
  • Improved Ncurses alt key handling
  • Fixed PDCurses crash when sizing downwards < 80 columns
  • Display animated effects correctly (e.g. rays)
  • Improved support for smaller terminals
  • Compressed status display for smaller terminals
  • Fixed highlighting on top ten window
  • Position-indicating map scrollbars for smaller terminal windows
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