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Beta 2 of the Curses Interface was released on June 29th, 2010. Here is a summary of changes from Beta 1.

Planned FeaturesEdit

  • Traditional "#" prompt for extended command input, as an alternative to the extended command menu interface (depending on setting of extmenu option)
  • Improved "Count:" prompt interface, either as a popup or in the message window, depending on the setting of the "popup_dialog" option
  • Eliminated flickering in the status window, resulting in greatly improved performance on all platforms
  • Added "shall I pick a character for you?" option, and integrated with the optional splash screen
  • Splash screen is only displayed if the terminal window is big enough
  • Fixed crash when dismissing character selection dialogs
  • Fix numberpad issue when playing remotely via PuTTY
  • Fully implemented group accelerators and preselected menu items
  • Initial NetHack windows are hidden until character is chosen
  • Specifying petattr now implies hilite_pet as well
  • PICK_NONE menus now return either 0 or -1, depending on if the menu was explicitly canceled (needed at least for ^X in wizard mode)
  • Hitting space now acts as the default answer for yn_function dialogs, as in the tty port
  • Selected menu options are now highlighted more clearly
  • Menus now accept a count
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