My spare time to work on this project has been more limited lately, partially due to a new job. There is still a lot more I would like to accomplish with this project, however, and while I can probably manage it myself eventually, having someone to help with the coding will not only speed things along, but probably also make the code stronger.

I could use help with the following:

  • Bug-fixes: I need to collect all of the reported bugs for this version that I have had reported, and put them on their own page, rather than putting them on the page for the next release as I have been doing.
  • Enhancements: these are a lot more fun than bug-fixes, generally.
  • Code cleanup: There are a number of ugly areas in the code that could benefit from a rewrite.

Anyway, if you would like to help, please let me know: kgarrison at pobox dot com.

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