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Release 4 of the curses interface was released on 4/1/2010. Below is a list of features added and issues addressed:

Changes in Release 4Edit

  • Reuse same menu accelerator keys in separate menu pages, and added for more possible menu accelerators (62 instead of 52) in order to make running out unlikely (Slash`EM and UnNetHack were running-out on the Options menu)
  • Added an optional ASCII-graphics splash screen for NetHack, Slash`EM and UnNetHack upon game startup
  • yn_function can now accept a count when the game asks for one
  • Tweaked positioning of transient windows
  • Eliminated the delay after hitting the Escape key when using Ncurses
  • Added code to override DECgraphics setting if set in file when running with curses interface (this setting is incompatible with the curses interface; use cursesgraphics on an xterm or the like instead)
  • Lots of code cleanup
  • Hitting escape suppresses all further messages for the current turn, like in the TTY port
  • Set window title and icon for PDCurses version
  • Added petattr option to choose pet highlighting option (defaults to underline in curses port)
  • Separated gui_color as a separate option from color (one may wish a color map, but mono menus and windowborders, or vice versa)
  • Use of the dark gray color may be disabled for terminals that cannot support it by commenting out the USE_DARKGRAY define in include/wincurses.h
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